Orchard Hill is a people sent to practice the way of Jesus together for the good of our communities.

Are you New to Orchard Hill?

We would love to connect you with someone from our staff team. We just need a few things to get started

Want to learn more about Orchard Hill? 

Every few weeks, we host a lunch after church called Orchard Hill 101. At that meal, we eat together, hear one another’s stories, and share about the vision and mission of our church. 

Want to discover your place at Orchard Hill?

We believe that every person has a unique design that helps us find our place in God’s greater story. Take our GPS (Gifts-Passions-Story) online assessment and a staff member will connect with you to explore how the gifts, passions, and experiences you already have can be good news to your world. 

Want to Join a Group?

At Orchard Hill, Communities are groups of people who practice the way of Jesus together for the good of a particular neighborhood or network. We would love to help you find a Community to join or help talk through what it would take to launch a new Community in your world. 

Want someone to pray with you?

At Orchard Hill, we consider it a privilege to walk with you through any and every season of life. If you would like prayer or to speak to one of the pastors, click the button below and let us know.