Our Way of Life

Orchard Hill is a people sent to practice the way of Jesus together for the good of our communities. We have intentionally chosen to be a church who defines ourselves not just by what we believe but by how we practice our faith. The habits we regularly practice shape us, so we have decided on five spiritual habits we practice together each week to intentionally shape us to look more like Jesus. We call this our Way of Life, and we use the acrostic BLESS to help us easily remember it:

1: BLESS - Bless Your World: We bless others with what we say, what we do, and what we have.

2: LEARN JESUS - We learn Jesus through regular time in prayer, Scripture, and community.

3. EAT - We make room for and eat with others in our community.

4. SABBATH - We practice Sabbath each week to calibrate our work/rest balance.

5. STEPS OF FAITH - We listen and follow Jesus into our next steps of faith.

Want to join us and practice our way of life? We would love to have you join us on mission by committing to these weekly practices on your own or with your family. Let us know you’re in by clicking the link below.