God calls his people to follow in faith in ways that bring blessing to the world around us. We see throughout Scripture the way simple steps of surrender, faith, and generosity lead to the multiplication of life and blessing to others. It has been amazing to see more and more people experience the life-changing love of Jesus through our church. I hope you feel as honored to be a part of God’s family and mission as I do.

Now, we are in a defining moment in our history. Part of this moment is the formation of Orchard Hill Church from the congregations of Highpoint and RiverTree Canal Fulton. We have come together for the sake of reaching our neighbors and our world, and God’s faithfulness and provision to this point are calling us to a deeper season of obedience for the sake of the world he loves.

We believe this is the moment we’ll look back on and say that it was this season in which God began to multiply our influence in our region in ways we couldn’t anticipate. This is the moment where we’ll say we saw many of our neighbors, family members and friends come to know God, find freedom, discover their God-given design, and join Jesus in His mission to bring our world back to Him. This is the moment where we say YES to a deeper faithfulness for the good of our communities and beyond.

Church - let’s go all in, each and every one of us! God has brought us to such a time as this. Incredible opportunities lay before us. I can’t wait to see what God does in our hearts and in our churches!


In 2023, we are trusting God to provide not only for our ongoing ministry at Orchard Hill, but for the expansion needed to reach the community around us and beyond. Join us as we boldly venture into Multiply and live out our faith with three initiatives:

MULTIPLY HERE | $225,000

This represents our general ministry and operating budget over the next year. We need to resource all of our existing ministries that are the backbone of our church.


We want to extend and expand our reach in our community. To do this we will intentionally invest in staffing so that more people come to know Jesus.


We want to see God's kingdom multiplied everywhere by planting churches in NE Ohio and Southern Asia.




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