What's your next step?

At Orchard Hill, we believe that the only way to follow Jesus is one step at a time. We would love to help you make your next steps in your journey of faith. Below are some of the natural next steps we can help you make. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out to us through the form at the bottom of this page and someone from our staff team will contact you directly. 

I want to know Jesus.

Choosing to follow Jesus is one of the first and most important steps you can make. If you would like to talk with one of our pastors about your faith, your questions, and what it means to become a Christian, reach out to us here. 

I want to be baptized.

 Baptism is a celebration of all that Christ has done and a place where we identify with him by his grace. It is a natural next step for anyone who has chosen to follow Jesus. Let us know you have questions about or want to be baptized by filling out the form below. 

I want to learn more about Orchard Hill

Every few weeks, we host a lunch after church called Orchard Hill 101. At that meal, we eat together, hear one another’s stories, and share about the vision and mission of our church. 

I want to be a member of Orchard Hill

At Orchard Hill, we don’t have a formal membership process. Instead, the way people commit to our church is by agreeing to live by our way of life. We have five habits we commit to living by each week in order to practice the way of Jesus together for the good of our communities. You can learn more about our way of life and commit to it at the link below: 

I want to give to Orchard Hill

 Generosity is a foundational part of how we practice the way of Jesus at Orchard Hill. We believe God’s provision for us allows us to bless and be generous with our time, our energy, and our resources. If you would like to give online or set up regular giving to Orchard Hill, click the button below:

I want to join a group.

At Orchard Hill, Communities are groups of people who practice the way of Jesus together for the good of a particular neighborhood or network. We would love to help you find a Community to join or help talk through what it would take to launch a new Community in your neck of the world. 

I want to grow in my faith. 

Orchard Hill is a church that welcomes anyone who wants to grow as a disciple of Jesus to jump in and learn with us. We have regular discipleship cohorts that we would love to include you in. Message us here and our staff team will reach out to you directly to tell you more. 

I want to volunteer at Orchard Hill.

Serving is a natural way to give back to our church and help us serve families and neighbors week in and week out. We have a lot of teams at Orchard Hill, and from weekend teams to kids and student ministry, we know your gifts and talents have a place in our church. Find out more about volunteering at Orchard Hill on our serve page. 

We'd love to hear from you. Fill out the form below to get started.